7 Signs That You’re In A Healthy Relationship

7 Signs That You’re In A Healthy Relationship

These days, it’s easy to forget what healthy relationships look like, especially when so many of us are focused on career goals and other important life priorities. However, having a stable and loving relationship can have major positive benefits on your mental health, so it’s well worth taking the time to make sure you’re in one that promotes positive feelings and behaviors between you and your partner (or spouse or friends). Want to know if you have healthy relationships? Here are some signs to know that you may be in a healthy relationship.

1) You Respect each other

Respect is one of the greatest expression of Love.

Miguel Angel Ruiz

This is probably an obvious one. It’s important that you respect your partner as an individual. This means valuing their opinions, ideas, and beliefs, listening to them without interrupting, not criticizing them in front of others, and not devaluing or shaming them because of who they are or what they believe in, says Dr. Neff.

2) You create Quality Time together

Healthy relationships have quality time
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Enjoying each other’s company is paramount to having a healthy relationship. Couples in healthy relationships create quality time together in which they engage in conversation, play games, and do activities that they both enjoy. The more positive experiences you have with your partner, the healthier your relationship will be.

3) You Appreciate each other

Expressing your gratitude is one of those things that makes you feel good and helps strengthen your relationships. Sometimes when we’re in relationships we can become focused on what’s not working instead of appreciating what is going well. Try to take a step back and think about all of the great things in your life, including your relationship with your partner, as well as self-care, work and other relationships. Our number one suggestion is start a gratitude journal to help ensure you’re always focusing on how lucky you are to have such a wonderful partner


4) You are not afraid to be Vulnerable

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Rather than thinking of vulnerability as a weakness, healthy people embrace it as an opportunity to learn more about themselves and others. This makes it easier to move beyond small arguments and address bigger issues head-on. While opening up can be scary, remember that it’s much better to work through your problems now than spend years feeling frustrated or hiding from them.

Out of Vulnerabilities will come your strength.

sigmund freud

Vulnerability is not just a sign of a healthy relationship, but also a marker for mental health. Research shows that expressing vulnerability can improve our ability to empathize with other people and build new social connections—both of which are key components of effective communication. Other research suggests that cultivating openness may help us break out of our echo chambers and broaden our perspectives on society in general.

5) You Support each other

Couples in healthy relationships have each other’s backs. If your partner is struggling with something, you can be there to lend an ear, a hand, or emotional support. Likewise, you should feel comfortable talking to your partner about anything that’s on your mind. Knowing that you both trust each other and that each of you is a safe person for the other is a major part of building a strong relationship.

Couples support each other in healthy relationships
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6) You Communicate and know each other’s Love language

Even when it's uncomfortable or uneasy. One of the best ways to heal, is simply getting everything out.

Lack of communication breeds assumptions of what the other person is thinking or feeling; and assumptions are, more often than not incorrect. Knowing each other’s love language is a sign that you have a strong foundation in your relationship. Everyone has a love language and knowing what it is, can help you communicate with each other more effectively. Dr. Gary Chapman identified five different love languages: gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service and physical touch.

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No two people will share all five of these languages but one person might prefer receiving gifts while their partner prefers quality time spent together. Communication problems are bound to occur if your partner does not understand how to give or receive affection in your preferred way. Knowing each other’s love language is a great way to prevent communication issues and strengthen your relationship further into something solid and healthy. Not sure what is your love language


7) You Trust each other

Trust is at the core of a healthy relationship. If you can’t feel secure that your partner has your best interests in mind, how can you allow yourself to relax and be open? Healthy couples not only trust each other, but they also know when to reach out for help when trust has been breached. Take a moment to think about your significant other: Are there moments where you don’t fully trust each other?

Couples trust each other in Healthy relationships
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If you have a partner, ask yourself these questions about your relationship to determine whether it’s healthy. If not, you can at least use these points as an exercise in self-reflection and self-awareness. For each yes answer to any of these signs, there is room for improvement in your relationships; for each no answer to any of these signs, you may be struggling with issues that need professional help.


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